Be Careful How You Bundle Your Products

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Consumers prefer to buy items individually unless they specifically see the value of a package deal, a new study suggests.

In other words, the customer has to feel that the add-on products are useful in some way, and would be purchased regardless of the package.

It’s your responsibility as a seller to show why the package deal is more attractive.


The Study

Two coffee makers were compared side by side; one with a milk frother and one without. Consumers were then asked which coffee maker they preferred.

They were more likely to choose the coffee maker with the milk frother when the models were presented side-by-side.

But when they saw either coffee maker alone, they were more likely to choose the coffee maker without the milk frother.

Only when the two coffee makers were contrasted — one a single product and one with an add-on — did the consumers appreciate the value of the bundle.


Key Takeaway

Marketers now have to re-evaluate the ‘presenter’s paradox,’ whereby sellers prefer to bundle their products, and buyers prefer to pick & choose. When presenting an offer to your customers, you must explain why the bundle is a better deal. Compare the bundle to its individual components, and describe why the buyer needs all of them.

Your customers will not only see what they’ll miss out on, but they’ll also feel like they’re getting a better deal. This will heighten their shopping experience increase customer satisfaction.


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